Studio Closed September 27th until Another Location can be Leased

30 September 2017
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Dear Yoga Family,

It is with great sadness that I send this message. Though we have spent the last several months trying to reduce our expenses in order keep our studio located at 375 South St. in Northampton, we have been unsuccessful in negotiating a lease with our landlords that allows us to keep our doors open. Our landlords have been gracious in allowing a slight rent concession over the last couple of months but are now in a position where they need to make the space available to a tenant that can pay full rent. We have been asked and have agreed to vacate the studio in order to accommodate a new tenant.

While this is certainly sudden, we are hopeful that we will find a new home for Valley Hot Yoga quickly. We are moving forward with gratitude! Gratitude for all of the memories and community built at 375 South St. and excitement about the opportunity that a new location may bring. We hope you'll come along for the journey! Our teacher training will continue as scheduled at our Eastworks classroom in Easthampton. All class packages will be honored and extended at a new location.

Please stay tuned! As we know more, we'll share more!

Thank you,
Audrey Blaisdell