14 September 2014
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Bikram is as much physical as it is mental. This moving meditation has allowed me to uncover my inner resilience and compassion, not only for others, but for myself. What this practise has allowed me to see is my potential to truly love myself and allow myself time and space to be completely focussed on me. I deserve 90 minutes for me every day, and I'm incredibly grateful to both the teachers and other practitioners for their support and guidance. Practise has enabled me to keep my chronic illness in remission, and gotten me through a divorce. I would have been able to survive these challenges without bikram, but the ability to create discernment and no judgement enabled me to thrive amidst these difficulties. This practise has become a foundation for my well being- inside out, bones to skin.  

- Danielle C.

  I have always tried to maintain a healthy lifestyle whether through playing sports, weight training, or other physical activity; I have even trained for and completed several triathlons.  Nothing I have done has been more physically challenging and rewarding as practicing BikramYoga at Bikram Yoga Northampton. I feel that practicing Bikram Yoga not only compliments other physical activities like weight training and cardio, but it has enhanced them. A simple example of this is how I have learned though Bikram Yoga to have more control of my breathing; this has clearly led to improved performance in any activity in which I am involved.  When working out I can almost hear Audrey's calm and composed voice reciting the mantra- “Breathing. Always. Normal.”- giving me the edge or inspiration to get that extra set or mile.

            Each time I enter the studio, I know it will be as difficult or as simple as my mind and body need it to be, no judgments, no expectations. Each class follows the exact prescription as the last, but it is somehow never the same. Despite the strict, 90 minute format; the instructors have always made each class engaging and every word spoken is meaningful. For me, the most consistent aspect of practicing is that regardless of how I feel physically, mentally or emotionally as I begin class, I am a better person in all of these elements of my life when I leave.

            While I can measure the ways I feel my life has improved as a result of practicing Bikram Yoga, what I cannot measure are the injuries and ailments I have avoided through the strength, flexibility and mental resolve I have developed through my practice. The “spine strengthening series” alone is like a suit of armor in the battle against the demands we put daily on our human bodies. I feel excited and encouraged when I see Audrey, Jennifer or any of the other instructors greet me at the door with their “smiling happy faces”. I find comfort in knowing exactly what they will provide me with, and excitement in not knowing how my body will allow me to respond; that is the thrill and challenge of Bikram Yoga that keeps calling me back allows me to grow.


- David K.




I came to yoga with no idea what I was in for.  To say the least I've found a program that has changed me completely.  First, my doctor is stunned that my blood pressure and cholesterol are in check.  Before I even joined yoga my doctor wanted me to go on meds for both conditions.  I asked for time.  I started the 90 minute 26 poses 2-3 times a week.  My next physical stunned my doctor.  She asked what I had done.  And was truly amazed with my new results and has never actually seen anything like it.  I really want to thank you and your staff for such a professional and committed program that has really changed me spiritually and physically.


- Peter M.




 On January 12 of this year I returned to yoga after years of not practicing.  Darling Jess taught the class.  The thought of returning had haunted me for months, but I kept coming up with excuses to not travel the distance and not spend the money.  That Monday, the class was hard, of course, but I was excited about resuming a practice and intended to return.  All my yoga stuff is still in the car.

That night, lying in bed for sleep, my hand just floated to an area on the left chest and I found a lump.  There was no "self exam" involved, I just must have known it was there.  To make a long story shorter, since then I've had many tests and surgery for breast cancer, and am now three weeks post op.  Do not have full use of my arms yet, but in time.

My wish is to make the return I planned two months ago, at some time in the near future.  I credit Bikram yoga with possibly saving my life by putting me in touch with myself!!


- Pat R.



Five years ago I started Bikram Yoga at the age of 53.  At that time I was well on my way to diabetes with bad circulation, blood pressure that was less than optimal, a chronic lower back problem with intermittent sciatica, knees that hurt and made odd noises (two dislocations during my teens and twenties) and feet that ached when cold.

Today my back problems have all but disappearred along with my spare tire, my knees don't click and pop, my feet don't need socks at night, my blood pressure is perfect, I have not had a cold in three years and any need for vascular dilators has disappeared.  In all, I can confidently affirm that I have not been in better health and shape since I was 35...and even then my back gave me regular problems.  On the downside, my hair has not grown back and I still get cavities.

I have averaged 3 classes a week for the first three years and four a week thereafter...I find my appetite is more self regulating.  When I go abroad and can't do Bikram for up to two months I have noticed my body continues to improve as normal daily activities make use of the new muscle mass created by yoga.

Perhaps the most significant improvement is psychological in regard to fear of growing old and infirmed.  When one approaches 60 in better shape than when at 35 the future looks so much brighter...fear of aging is now only a distant memory.

Regarding sciatica...I also used an inversion table. It quickly relieved symptoms while yoga created the core body strength to keep the symptoms at bay so that the table is no longer necessary.  I will add that it took three months for me just to be able to remain on my feet every so often for the entire standing poses...so don't get discouraged...merely attending classes regularly improves ones cardio vascular even if one can't do all the poses.  Today, I find that I sweat but it is a sweat that brings relief, ie, the heater fans cool my body...

- Charles H.



What I've learned from Bikram Yoga (so far) and how I applied it to conquering my first Rugged Maniac 5K Obstacle Race in September 2015...
First, a little background: in 2013-14 I was a Zumba instructor teaching 2-3 times a week and used to run a 5K a month, but an injury in the Fall of 2014 prevented me from doing both. After a long, cold winter last year, I lost all motivation to be active and struggled finding inspiration to get out of my winter blues. In July 2015, I finally found it: Bikram Yoga. At first, the mental benefits were very obvious to me. I felt so much better every day just because I was active again, attending 3 classes per week. Soon I began to notice the physical benefits. I felt stronger, more balanced and even standing a bit straighter. My Uncle recently asked if I was taller and it made me realize I was holding myself differently. It had to be the yoga! 
September came up fast and I realized I hadn't been training for the Rugged Maniac (or so I thought). I was worried about my cardio and lungs, so two weeks before race day, I gave jogging another try and to my pleasant surprise, my lungs felt pretty awesome (Pranyama breathing exercise: Expanding lung capacity) and when I did get winded, I found my heart rate recovery was much better than I expected (Savasana:Teaching the heart to recover quickly). 
Race Day: My first thought as I lined up at the start line, "All I have to do is breathe, everything else is optional." As I approached each obstacle, I thought "I need to use all my strength, focus, determination in 10 seconds." For the rings obstacle I thought "nice tight grip, don't lose the grip." and I conquered! For the "frogger" obstacle I thought, "focus on a point four feet in front of you, don't even blink your eyes, you might lose the balance." (See that focus and balance in the picture below.) The final obstacle was the warped wall (basically had to run up a skateboard half-pipe,yeah with wet muddy sneakers...right...), when I didn't make it up on the first try I thought, "if you don't get in the first set, no problem, just try again in second set.'' So, instead of going around I tried again and made it up (with the help and encouragement of my team.) 
I DID IT!!! I became a Rugged Maniac because of Bikram Yoga! What?!? Then, after a day of rest I proceeded to class for the healing benefits because I definitely needed it!
- Sandy A.