In 1975 while staying at a friend’s house, I found a book about yoga.  Although the book’s Hatha yoga illustrations were poorly drawn, I managed to decipher the postures, found them useful for stretching and incorporated them into my regular home workout routine. A couple of years later, I began to study karate.  Unfortunately, karate can be hard on the knees and joints.  After decades of doing karate, my knees (and me) started getting old.  My doctor recommended knee surgery. I chose instead to add more stretching since it had been so beneficial for me and I searched for a yoga studio in the Valley.  After sampling several studios and being somewhat disappointed in their lack of consistency, I found Hot Yoga in Northampton.  The practice was challenging.  Even though I was used to challenging workouts, this one was somehow different.  The warmth, stretching, strengthening and consistent practice which also allowed for personal growth, seemed to be what I was looking for.  Hot yoga has allowed me to delay knee surgery for over eight years while still continuing my karate training!  At Valley Hot Yoga, I have found a serious, healing practice that is taught by knowledgeable, caring people.  Today my family is a hot yoga family; my daughter is a Bikram instructor in Cork, Ireland who started at Valley Hot Yoga, my wife also trains regularly.


Terry completed his 200 hour hot yoga certification at Valley Hot Yoga June 2017.