Somehow at 24 I woke up and realized I was unhealthy… I drank way too much, ate way too much of all the wrong things, and did nothing to feel better. I found my way to Weight Watchers and started walking, then later running. After losing 35 pounds and watching everything I ate for years, the pendulum had swung completely to the other side. I went from “out of balance”one way to “out of balance”the other way. Although I looked more healthy and ran marathons, I was miserable and definitely emotionally unhealthy. My career was unsatisfying, I was depressed and filled with anxiety. After leaving my job I spent most of my days running or sleeping. I had anxiety about interacting with people so I rarely left the house and when forced to leave I self medicated with alcohol. I was isolated and felt hopeless. My sister had been practicing Bikram yoga in Boston and convinced me to start practicing at Bikram Yoga Salt Lake City. After only a few classes I felt less anxious, less depressed, and more confident. Those benefits continued to grow with every class I took and I knew that I Bikram yoga was going to be my life.

I attended Bikram’s nine week teacher training in Hawaii fall of 2007 and taught my first class the evening I arrived back in Salt Lake City 11/20/2007. Fortunately, during my first month of teaching I connected with senior teacher Diane Ducharme Gardner who became my mentor, life coach, and amazing friend. She taught me the importance of keeping this yoga pure and safe by learning Bikram’s dialogue word for word. In October 2009 I learned that the previous owner of BYN was looking to sell the studio. I threw caution to the wind and with the support of Diane and my family I moved across country from Utah to Northampton to follow my dream of spreading this powerful healing yoga to others. Even after 9 years of practicing this yoga, I continue to learn more about my body and my mind. Most importantly I have realized that this is a lifetime practice and I will always need it in my life. It is my great honor to be here with you all.

Bikram Yoga Certification 2007

E-RYT 2017 - Yoga Alliance Experience Registered Yoga Teacher