After resisting the urging of my daughter and close friend for several months, I finally walked in to my first Bikram Yoga class. I don’t remember that class or the next couple after that, what I do remember is how I felt. They told me try three classes in the first week to see if Bikram yoga was the right fit for me. I did 9 classes in the next 10 days and was hooked. I knew after two weeks I wanted to go to training and to become a Bikram Yoga Teacher.  A year later after leaving a 20 year career in the Oil Industry and I was on my way to Palm Desert, CA to attend the 2009 Spring Training. I struggled in training and even more after returning home to teach this yoga. My first class was 20 minutes over the regular 90 minute class time, those poor students!! But I stuck with it and today I get to watch the amazing transformation in my students as they practice Bikram Yoga. I am truly grateful for this journey! This yoga has brought me so many amazing gifts and friendships!!